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TOPIC: IHMN at PAW, Plymouth

IHMN at PAW, Plymouth 01 Feb 2014 21:50 #1

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Had a great day running an IHMN participation game at the Plymouth wargames show. The Return of the League of a Extraordinary Gentlemen went down really well and made quite a few converts. On top of that it won best participation game :)

The scenario was to rescue Prof. Cavor from the clutches of Moriarty who was getting Cavor to create something horrendous, the Cavorite gun! Moriarty and the proffessor were protected by some local thugs and two squads of Sturm-Truppen with a prototype Kliene-Panzerkampfwagon I. I'm happy to report that the a Professor was rescued in each game but Moriarty escaped with a prototype Cavorite pistol on more than one occasion...

Here's some pictures from today-

The field of battle

The LXG entered via the ford in the river.


Moriarty, Cavor and some of the Sturm-Truppen

Moriarty in his Kelly armour with the prototype Cavorite pistol

A couple of thugs guarding the main entrance

The Kliene-Panzerkampwagon I

The Invisible man sneaks up on an unsuspecting guard

Quartermain makes his way through the undergrowth towards the farm

Agent Sawyer gets a guard in his sights

Nemo takes on three Sturm-Truppen in close combat

Hyde finds the proffessor and Moriarty

If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything...
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IHMN at PAW, Plymouth 02 Feb 2014 18:06 #2

  • Brett
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Although Mick's ego doesn't need any more fuel! Lol! However, I was also at the show and the game certainly did look great, but not quite sure about the that top hat!

A well deserved trophy Mick, for another great participation game.
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