The Exmouth Imperial Wargames Club meet every Wednesday at 19.30 officially, although there are normally people around from around 18.45. We play a wide variety of games and are always looking for new people to come along and join our friendly group. We have about 20 members at the moment, so are not the biggest club in the world, but is does generate a more social atmosphere we find. It also helps that we meet in a community centre, where food and drink are both easily available.

The club plays a much wider range of games than I can list here, so here are a few to give you a flavour:

Historical: Bolt Action WW2 - SAGA - Rapid Fire WW2 - PBI - Very British Civil War - American War of Independence - American Civil War - Wings of War/Glory - Ancients - Naval and more

Non-Historical: Dystopian Wars (Naval) - In Her Majesty's Name - Hordes of the Things - Empire of the Dead - Martian Empires - Mordheim - Kings of War - G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T - Battle Fleet Gothic - Full Thrust - Lord of the Rings, Star Wars X-Wing - Star Wars Armada - Infinity - Warhammer 40K and more

Role Play Games: Pathfinder, Fate.

We also run Legionary, Exeter's wargame show, which in 2017 will take place on Saturday the 13th May.

Our club address is:

Liverton Copse Community Centre

Prince of Wales Drive





If you use public transport, you can see the bus routes around Exmouth here:

The bus routes 56A, 58, 7, 99 and 99E pass close to the club venue






For details of the games being played at the club, please look in the "Upcoming Games" section of the Forum.