Games confirmed for 2017 are below - still room for more games, if you'd like to put a game on, please get in touch.

Walking Dead

Exmouth Wargames Club - Battle of Helms Deep

1859 French Vs Austrians – Adam Holmes




Hitler’s Last Gamble

ACW – Minehead Wargames


The Pit – Tank Yankee/FOW

Oakbound Demo

Peter Pig – 15mm Vietnam participation

Frostgrave – Steve’s Small World

Frech Indian War - Trinity Gaming Club Taunton TGCT




This was the great selection of games at the 2016 show - some games are already booked for this years show but if you'd like to put a game on at the show please get in touch - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - thank you!


Mines of Moria - Dragon Rampant Fantasy 28mm Participation Glenbrook Games
Garzone Sci-Fi Sci-Fi 28mm Demo Exeter   Wargames Club
Kings of War Fantasy 28mm Demo Plymouth   Association of Wargamers
War of the Roses Medieval 28mm Demo Graham   Godfrey
Operation Snipe (El Alamein) World   War 2 20mm Demo Don   McHugh
Sharp Practice 2 Napoleonic 28mm Participation Too   Fat Lardies
Aerial Combat 1940-1965 20th   Century ? Demo Tus   a'n orlewan
Dad's Army World   War 2 28mm Demo Graham   Cookson/Think Tank
Talavera - Attack on the Pajar Vergara Napoleonic 15mm Demo Devon   Wargames Group
Firestorm Planet-Fall Sci-Fi ? TBC TBC
Somewhere in Europe Napoleonic 20mm Demo Phil   Adams
Star Wars Armada Sci-Fi   Demo Exmouth   Imperial Wargames Club
Borneo 1963 Modern 28mm Demo Plymouth   Association of Wargamers
Infinity Sci-Fi 28mm Demo Exeter   Inquisition
Seven Years War 18th   Century 15mm Demo Plymouth   Association of Wargamers
Hammerin Iron ACW   Participation Peter Pig
Mutant Chronicles Sci-Fi 28mm Participation Red   Scar Publishing Now cancelled
Infinity Sci-Fi 28mm Participation Red   Scar Publishing
Devils Run - Route 666 Sci-Fi 28mm Demo Red   Scar Publishing
Terminator Genisys Sci-Fi 28mm Participation River   Horse Games
Waterloo "Quelle Affaire" Napoleonic N/A Participation River   Horse Games
Antietam 1862 ACW 28mm Demo Richard   Gillingham

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