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TOPIC: Don't Tell Him Pike!

Don't Tell Him Pike! 30 Nov 2014 20:55 #1

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Had a great day at Reveille in Bristol, lots of interest in Pulp Alley and plenty of volunteers to play as well :) Warmington-on-Seas finest managed to win each game with only Pike being captured in one game (this could have been down to my compatriots playing the Germans in each game and not changing his tactics at all...).

There were three downed German aircrew which were the plot points at the start of each game but I made a small rule change, health became courage so if a character fails his final check rather than being taken out of the game he surrenders to the nearest opposition character giving that side an extra plot point.

The Gallant defenders of Britains shores.

The German U-boat crew.

The downed German aircrew.

The field of battle. There were three perilous terrain areas, the muddy field in front of the farm, the field full of cows and finally the old monastery ruins.

Walmington-on-Seas start the search for the downed airmen.

Captain Mainwaring convinces a pilot and his associate that surrendering would be the best option.

After a hail of fire coming his way a U boat crewman surrenders.

Corporal Jones escorts prisoners away.

Private Godfery escorts another prisoner.

'Would you mind awfully going this way?'

Private Walker has a quick smoke while escorting a prisoner.

All the prisoners about to be put in Jonesy's lorry.
If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything...
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Don't Tell Him Pike! 03 Dec 2014 15:23 #2

  • William
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This is outrageous spin and distortion of the historical record!
What my esteemed colleague neglects to mention is that the punters (playing Warmington-on-Sea's finest) were supposed to win, as I didn't want any of the youngsters or their dads going away disappointed. It was in the final game that Mick himself decided to copy exactly the tactics already established by previous novice players, and then managed to achieve the worst result of the day.
Uncle Arthur may have to find new digs after explaining to Mrs Pike that her boy's been captured by the Nazis.

Mick's layout got much-deserved attention and praise from show attendees. The highest plaudits coming from the cognoscenti who appreciated the excellence of the back garden flowers.

It made me feel very old (and I was still only 49) to realise that none of the young players had even heard of Dad's Army. My carefully researched ITMA routines were wasted…

Oh, and getting up at 5.30am to go to a show called Reveille, however appropriate, was most unwelcome. There must be a bugle call for elevenses (mustn't there?). That would be a far more civilised name for a show (and thus time to de-bed).

My thanks to Angela and Mick for a splendid day.

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