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TOPIC: Linked Fire

Linked Fire 10 Jun 2014 10:34 #1

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So as to sing off the same song sheet, I would like to highlight an example on Linked Fire (LF). This has come up on a couple of occasions, where interpretation of the rule has been mixed. Failure to comply with this rule provides the attacker more attack dice than the situation warrants.

Within the Rule Book (not the new one) on page 62 are the rules for LF, example 14 is very clear on the process. For those without access to a Rulebook here is the example:

Example 14: Two KoB Tribal Class Cruisers are undamaged and end there movement within Range Band 2 of a Prussian Empire Rhine Class Fleet Carrier. Both cruisers have two Main Turrets that can fire at the carrier with 5 Attack Dice from each Turret at this range. The cruisers elect to perform Linked Fire, with one Cruiser having 7 Attack Dice (5+2) and the second 3 ATtack Dice (5+2 which is then halved), for at total of 10 D6 in a single Attack against the Fleet Carrier.

Therefore lead vessel links with all turrets allowed (ie all primary, based on LoS etc), secondary vessels within the squadron do like wise then halve their result and add to the primary. In Example 14, not complying with this results in an extra 4 Attack Dice, with exploding dice mechanism this could be painful.

With the forthcoming league games coming up it would be remiss not to highlight this.
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