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TOPIC: Captain Scarlet - Pilot Episode - 7TV

Captain Scarlet - Pilot Episode - 7TV 04 Jun 2015 21:50 #1

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Last night Rob & Fronglis helped make the "Captain Scarlet" pilot for 7TV.

The plot was a raid by mysteron agents & attendant henchmen on a Spectrum research facilty.

The episode opened with director Fronglis sending Captain Scarlet & a selection of other captains on a jog round the grounds of the base, whilst Destiny and Rhapsody angels took a gang of security guards into the woods (I thought this was a kid's programme ?). Meanwhile the Spectrum scientists worked safely in their undergound laboratory.

Assistant editor Rob sent a big mob of boiler suit clad henchmen straight towards the main building and a squad of military mercenaries into the woods.

Spotting the fluorescent bolier suits, Captain Scarlet decided to find out what was going on by running up to henchmen and asking them straight. A brawl ensued and the Scarlet, Blue, Ochre and Orange were soon in a sea of yellow. God knows what colour that makes, but the net result was a lot of unconscious captains wearing fetching rope accessories. Seeing the situation, Colonel White legged it to hide behind the girls (boo, hiss) .

Meanwhile the miltary types blew a hole in the wall of the research building and started a firefight with the Angel's and a shed load of Spectrum security guards. Seeing the mercenaries break into the building and head for the door to the underground lab, the security guards piled in and a vicious hand to hand fight started.

Colonel White legged it downstairs and locked himself in the outer lab corridor(cad).Then he changed his mind, ran back up stairs and was shot dead (duffer).

Switching scenes, Captain Scarlet broke free of his bonds and freed Captain Blue. The two heros (?), leapt up and ran towards the research facility (hurrah !)

Meanwhile the brawl was swinging back and forth and Captain Black, a couple of henchmen and a soldier managed to get into the lower level. Destiny and Rhapsody pursued them, leaving two brave security guards in combat upstairs.

Blowing open doors as they went, the mysteron lackies made it to the outer lab door, just as the angels caught up with them. The girls held them up long enough for Scarlet & Blue to join the fray.
Advantage swopped back and forth, but eventually Captain Black and his remaining cronies were triumphant.

Blowing the last door, Black was faced by senior scientist Jenkins and his newly created "Anti-Mysteron Gun". The death ray winged Captain Black and he ran back down the corridor. At this point chemist Atkinson threw a flask of highly unstable explosive compound at him. One large blast later Black and his henchmen lay dead, dying or unconcious on the floor.

"I think new weapons have passed testing" said Jenkins. "Rather" said Atkinson. "Best plug captain Black into the mains before he comes round."

Fade to shot of chucking scientists.

Thsnks to Rob and Fronglis for playing in the spirit of the game. Hopefully a good time was had by all.

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Captain Scarlet - Pilot Episode - 7TV 11 Jun 2015 05:02 #2

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This was fun to read. Thanks for taking the trouble to write it up for us to enjoy.

I'm a bit shocked (not to mention heartbroken) at the behaviour of Destiny and Rhapsody. I rather hope they were just showing the security guards where to gather nuts and berries ("But don't pick the 'shrooms!").

I used to have the metal SPV car (I think you had two for the game). I remember being most irked when a friend lost the Captain Scarlet(?) driver figure that used to spring out of the side of the vehicle. Perhaps I could go back to that particular Topsham garden and look for it, 40 years later?

In the bathroom of my London flat there's a soap-on-a-rope SPV, still in its packaging, that Chrissie gave me fairly soon after we got together.
Er, I think the gift was in response to me having mentioned that I'd liked the show, rather than a hygiene hint….

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